For a company to remain firm in the market, grow and remain financially balanced and stable, it needs to sell. Regardless of the industry or market in which it operates, sales are essential for any business to progress. Therefore, it takes a lot of energy and continuous investment in this sector which is the core of many organizations.

In order for the commercial sector to really play its role, good salespeople and a motivated, cohesive, and perfectly in-tune sales team are needed. For this, we need to understand that an organization is made up of people and that investing in these people, who perform functions of great importance, positively moves the entire company.

Read on to understand how to motivate your sales team in order to optimize results. Focusing on the quality of the team is essential for your company to obtain excellent responses in the market. For a company to be more competitive, it needs investment in human capital.


Motivating a sales team

We have already learned the role of sales for companies and what profile the professional who intends to be a salesperson needs to have. Now, let’s focus on motivating the sales team. As mentioned above, there is no point in having salespeople who are unmotivated and who do not produce results. So, check out tips to motivate your sales team:


Don’t just pay a fixed salary, create incentive bonuses and commission

Understand that if your company closes a new contract, it will be growing and it is important that the seller grows with it. One of the best incentives is financial. Pay well, so your seller sells well. After all, sellers are responsible for leveraging your company’s results and it is essential that they are engaged in this task.


Pay higher commissions than those offered by the market

Show your salesperson that in your company he is valued and that his work is fundamental. Also, for this reason, he will receive more than sellers from other companies. This is essential for the professional to understand that he is in an organization that cares for and values ​​his work.

Professionals who feel valued produce more and with more quality. In this way, commissions work as investments to have better results. In addition, if your business does not value its salespeople, it may end up losing them to the competition.


Eliminate stress zones

Selling is not easy. In order for the salesperson to get a few “yes”, he/she receives several “no’s”. Therefore, provide at least a periodic break for the salesperson. Often, the professional needs to work externally or with telemarketing, functions that are exhausting. Another way to eliminate these tension zones is for the company to provide leisure, paying for tickets to movies, theaters, concerts, etc.

It is also valid to pay attention to the elimination of tension between the team’s own salespeople. As we have already mentioned, the sales sector has its natural competitiveness, however, it is essential that it does not go beyond the limits. Sellers need to have a relationship of respect and cordiality so that they can carry out their activities. In hostile environments, it is very difficult to achieve good results.


Conduct intensive and periodic training

A good sale requires good training. Don’t forget that the seller needs to be well informed about the products and services, as he needs to convey security to the customer. Would you buy a product or service from someone who can’t explain the benefits of what they’re offering?

The training also has the function of offering new approach tools for salespeople. Knowing how to approach the customer makes all the difference in conversion. Keep your team always ready for new challenges.



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